The Clavinet Action

The Hohner Clavinet is modeled after the clavichord. This was a instrument designed for practice or solo playing in the 17th and 18th centuries, an instrument whose tone is not loud enough for anything but a small room. In the clavichord the string is struck or touched by a tangent of brass. The clavinet, however, uses a tangent tipped with rubber. Sadly, the material Hohner used for it's tips, called Urepan, breaks down quickly over time. A re-tipping is a very routine part of a Clav overhaul.

A variety of adjustments can be made according to a player's taste. The clav can be set up with a slightlt shallow key dip, for incredibly fast playing. Alternatively, the key dip can be magnified to maximize dynamic range.

At Mad Scientist, we'll clean and protect all of your key grommets, align and set your keybed, replace missing screws and springs, and do whatever else it takes to get your Clavinet playing it's absolute best.

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