The Wurlitzer Action

Throughout it's history, the Wurlitzer's action has evolved considerably. It is essentially a simplified, rotated version of a common upright piano action. It's construction differs signifcantly from the Rhodes action, and is considerably more complex and manipulatable. It features felt hammertips and independent adjustments for letoff and lost motion. A properly regulated Wurlitzer feels excellent. A Wurly that is poorly regulated usually exhibits problems like double-striking hammers, inadequate damping, and an uneven keybed.

At Mad Scientist, we'll adjust your board to the original Wurlitzer factory specifications. We'll polish and treat all of your rail pins, shrink action centers, replace hammers and dampers, and install all new felts on your balance and front rails. We have a huge stock of fresh new/old stock hammers for all models. After a full regulation of this kind, your board will play better shape than it did when it left the factory.

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